British Mix Vol. 2

  • 8 films

The 2020 award for Best British Film is kindly sponsored by Arnolds Keys.

Enjoy eight more captivating short films from British filmmaking talent. From a social realist fairytale about a trans-feminine teenager, a hilarious dark comedy about a seemingly happily married middled aged couple, and a lockdown short about a lad trying to reclaim his ‘Wicked Friday Nights’ during the pandemic – this strand is not to be missed!

Content included in this bundle

Born Again (2020)
  • Drama, Magical Realism
  • 11min
Joey (2020)
  • Drama, Romance
  • 15min
My Brother Is A Mermaid (2020)
  • LGBTQ+, Coming of Age
  • 19min
She (2020)
  • Drama
  • 5min
Talk Radio (2020)
  • Comedy
  • 9min
This Camera Is Broken (2020)
  • Drama
  • 6min
Underwater (2019)
  • Drama
  • 23min
Wicked Friday Night (2020)
  • Comedy, One Minute Movies
  • 1min