Documentary Shorts

  • 8 films

The 2020 award for Best Documentary Film is kindly sponsored by Spire Solicitors.

A wonderful selection of deeply personal and engaging true stories.

From a farmer in Peru who could be the last of his kind, to refugees struggling to make a living in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower, to a Japanese schoolgirl who becomes a national karate champion, this strand features eight handpicked documentaries from our Official Selection.

Content included in this bundle

Around the Block (2020)
  • Documentary, Animation
  • 3min
Dafa Metti (2019)
  • Documentary
  • 15min
Danielle (2020)
  • Documentary, Personal Interest
  • 16min
In the Shadow of the Pines (2020)
  • Animation, Documentary
  • 9min
Isle of Us (2020)
  • Documentary, Family
  • 18min
Kata (2020)
  • Documentary, Personal Interest
  • 7min
My Father the Mover (2020)
  • Documentary, Dance
  • 13min
Opening the Earth: The Potato King (2020)
  • Documentary, Environment
  • 19min