Emerging Talent

  • 6 films

Our Emerging Talent strand returns with six stunning short films from some of the world’s most promising student filmmakers. Featuring captivating stories spanning a diverse range of genres and themes, this strand offers an incredible opportunity to take a look at the next generation of filmmaking talent.

Content included in this bundle

Diabla (2019)
  • Drama, Horror and Thriller
  • 15min
Heartbeat (2020)
  • Drama, Coming of Age
  • 10min
My Mum's Letters (2020)
  • Coming of Age, Sci-Fi and Fantasy
  • 16min
To The Dusty Sea (2020)
  • Animation, Drama
  • 12min
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (2020)
  • Drama, Coming of Age
  • 12min
Umama (2020)
  • Drama, World Cinema
  • 20min