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European Film Awards

6 films

The films in this strand will be available to watch online from 14th-30th November 2021. For licensing reasons, strands are unavailable outside of the UK.

EFA Shorts on Tour is the European Film Academy’s short film tour, which brings the latest EUROPEAN SHORT FILM candidates, nominees and winner to audiences across Europe – and beyond. The programme features a selection from the European Short Film Candidates, each of them selected at a renowned European short film festival as a candidate for the European Film Awards 2021.

Content included in this bundle

The Long Goodbye (2020)
British, Drama 13m
Bella (2020)
International, Drama 25m
Displaced (2021)
International, Drama 15m
Easter Eggs (2021)
International, Animation 15m
In Flow of Words (2021)
International, Experimental 22m
My Uncle Tudor (2021)
International, Drama 20m