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Family Friendly Shorts

6 films

The films in this strand will be available to watch online from 15th-30th November 2021. For licensing reasons, strands are unavailable outside of the UK.

Treat the whole family to over an hour of vibrant and inspiring short films suitable for all ages. From a madcap musical following a ‘Catsronaut’ journeying through outer-space, to the inspiring story of a young fossil hunter who makes a groundbreaking discovery – the Family Friendly strand is sure to capture the imaginations of the young and the young-at-heart!

Prefer to see the films in-person? Join us on Sunday 14th November - book tickets.

Content included in this bundle

Meow or Never (2021)
Student, Animation 10m
Sea Dragon (2021)
British, Drama 17m
Mr Spam Gets a New Hat (2021)
Animation 13m
She Dreams at Sunrise (2021)
Animation, Drama 11m
The Big Top (2021)
One Minute Movie, Family 1m
Footsteps on the Wind (2021)
Animation, Drama 7m