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LGBTQ+ Shorts

5 films

The films in this strand will be available to watch online from 17th-30th November. For licensing reasons, strands are unavailable outside of the UK.

Join us for a selection of LGBTQ+ short films from our Official Selection, exploring identity, sexuality, relationships and more.

Prefer to see the films in-person? Join us on 16th November - book tickets.

Content included in this bundle

Complicated (2021)
Student, LGBTQ+ 22m
Love is a Hand Grenade (2021)
British, LGBTQ+ 13m
Split Sole (2021)
British, LGBTQ+ 13m
Cocoon Love (2021)
International, Romance 15m
Pas de Deux (2021)
British, LGBTQ+ 6m