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Access all 24 award-nominated films in our Official Selection as they become available. Browse the nominees in more detail here.

Due to licensing restrictions in place on some content, this pass is unavailable outside of the UK.

Content included in this bundle

Enjoy (2021)
British, Drama 18m
Roy (2021)
British, Drama 16m
Sweatbox (2021)
British, Drama 12m
Timekeeper (2021)
British, Drama 24m
Pipo and Blind Love (2021)
International, Sci-Fi 12m
The Exit Plan (2021)
International, Sci-FI 14m
Hiraeth (2021)
East Anglian, Sci-Fi 11m
Ice Cream & Doughnuts (2021)
East Anglian, Romance 19m
Maximus (2021)
East Anglian, Fantasy 16m
Hanging On (2021)
Documentary 10m
The Land of Griffons (2021)
Student, Documentary 10m
Wide Open Dreams (2021)
Student, Documentary 24m
Creepy Pasta Salad (2021)
Animation, Comedy 11m
Other Half (2021)
Animation, Fantasy 13m
Monster (2021)
Student, Drama 14m
One for the Road (2021)
Student, Drama 18m
You Haven't Seen What I've Seen (2021)
Student, Drama 22m