Oska Bright

  • 8 films

Oska Bright Film Festival is the world’s leading festival for films made by or featuring people with learning disabilities, autism or Aspergers.

With less than 5% of disabled people working in the UK film industry, Oska Bright Film Festival is driven to make change happen. Working internationally with industry partners and funded by the BFI, the team produces the BAFTA qualifying Oska Bright Film Festival, promotes accessible screenings, runs training for venues and develops skills for aspiring filmmakers.

“Collaborations with …Oska Bright…recognise the power of film to create change and highlight injustices and inequalities within the industry and society as a whole.” Rich Warren, Encounters Film

Oska Bright Film Festival puts people with learning disabilities, autism or Aspergers where they should be, on the big screen. We show bold, exciting and different work from voices you might not have heard before.

Please note that all films in this strand have English subtitles hardcoded into the video.

Content included in this bundle

Born to Dance with an Extra Chromosome (2019)
  • Documentary
  • 10min
Enid & Valerie (2019)
  • Animation
  • 3min
Force of Habit (2019)
  • Documentary
  • 4min
Kill Off (2019)
  • Drama
  • 16min
Lost Ones (2019)
  • Drama, Crime
  • 13min
Radial Dundee (2019)
  • Dance
  • 8min
What Is Normal? Who Decides? (2019)
  • Documentary
  • 4min
What’s The Time (2019)
  • Animation
  • 8min