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Women In Film

8 films

The films in this strand will be available to watch online from 18th-30th November. For licensing reasons, strands are unavailable outside of the UK.

Representing a diverse range of genres, styles & themes, join us for a selection of nine short films directed by women.

Prefer to see the films in-person? Join us on 17th November - book tickets.

Content included in this bundle

Contraband (2021)
Student, Comedy 13m
Dye Red (2021)
International, Drama 13m
Machi (2021)
Student, Animation 3m
Nice To Meet You All (2021)
Documentary, British 11m
Pointe Black (2021)
Documentary, Dance 5m
Precious Bundle (2021)
Student, Documentary 12m
Sweatbox (2021)
British, Drama 12m
Whore #4 (2021)
British, Comedy 8m