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Everybody Dies... Sometimes

9m British, Comedy, Drama 2023


Mara visits her therapist to talk about the fact that she believes she has killed everybody she has ever become close to. She deep dives into her life talking about how her mother died in childbirth, thus triggering the deaths of anyone else who has entered her life. The therapist interrogates Mara as to why she has come to see him. She reveals that she’s pregnant. She debates with herself whether or not to keep the baby. She believes if she does she will pass the curse of ‘Everybody Dying’ to her child, so she may as well terminate the baby so that the ‘curse’ ends with her. The therapist tells her that that this is the one thing in life she can control. Mara then goes into labour. During the birth she nearly loses her own life. Through this experience Mara realises she wants to fight for life and for her child and Mara’s perceived ‘curse’ is broken.

About the Filmmaker

Charlotte is a queer screenwriter, director and actor. Her writing is female led, dark and always laced with acerbic wit. Charlotte is currently adapting the novel THE FAMILY UPSTAIRS into a six part series for PARAMOUNT PLUS. Charlotte’s original comedy drama series THE COMMANDMENTS is in development with Olivia Colman’s South of the River Pictures, and she is also developing a cul-de-sac comedy drama series called THE CLOSE with Buddy Club Productions which Keeley Hawes is attached to star in.

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