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In love and sorrow.

22m Documentary, Environment 2023

Nominee: Best Documentary Film


Is it possible to see the future in what surrounds us now? Two dutch couples, sixty years apart in age, discuss the past, present and future of their love. They have close ties to an area called ‘de IJmond’, a coastal region built around a gigantic steel mill in the west of the Netherlands.

About the Filmmaker

Pieter Genee (1994) is a Dutch-born, London based director. He just finished his MA in documentary directing at NFTS. He has directed observational documentaries in regions across South Africa, Scotland and the Netherlands. His most recent film ‘Khayelitsha’ won a One World Media Award and is nominated for a student Academy Award. Pieter is very interested in the aesthetics of mood, and finding stories where the place, person and past perfectly coalesce.


Pieter Genee


Elena Valeri


Pieter Genee






United Kingdom

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