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Odd One Out

3m Animation, Comedy 2023


A cycle of prejudice is broken when one ostracised outsider breaks the pattern with rebellious celebration.

About the Filmmaker

Originally from Nottinghamshire, Micky Wozny has worked in animation for 10 years and has completed an MA in Directing Animation at the National Film and Television School. Whilst at the NFTS, she has directed ‘Max’ (2018), ‘Dots’ (2018) ‘Let Her Rip’ (2019) and her award-winning film ‘Something Borrowed’ (2020).

She’s also currently working on an animated short funded by the BFI. Alongside filmmaking she’s also currently animating on the BBC children’s show ‘JoJo & Gran Gran’. She’s passionate about rich and authentic storytelling and is eager to bring stronger female roles to the forefront of animated media.


Micky Wozny


Andrew St Maur


No Dialogue

Closed Captions [CC]



United Kingdom

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