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Winner Fights The Moon

18m British, Drama, Romance 2022


Arris has recently been released from prison after serving a five year sentence. Having never met his daughter Riley outside of a prison visitation room, Arris is desperate to make up for lost time. In an effort to reconnect with his daughter and ex-girlfriend Lauren, Arris promises a long overdue family day at the beach. But the young family soon discover that the past doesn’t always stay in the past.

About the Filmmaker

Lucas Jones was raised in a rural town in Cambridgeshire and currently live in London. He’s a 27 year old writer, director and actor. Having worked professionally in front of the camera for almost a decade in a vast array of projects from major franchise films and TV shows (Star Wars: The Last Jedi / Get Millie Black (HBO)) to small independent shorts, there are few places he feels more at home than on a film set. As a writer and director, he is interested in telling nuanced, human stories.


Lucas Jones


Sophie Kingsley


Lucas Jones






United Kingdom

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